The Stay Strong Camping Kit

This kit consists of a sleeping tent that can be mounted on any 5 by 8 or 5 by 10 utility trailer with an attachable tent or screen room.

tent size 5' by 8'

screen room 11' by 11'

The Stay Strong Camper

This camper consists of a small utility trailer with two cots that fold out giving you an 8' by 10' area to set up a dome tent. This camper also has acceptors which allow easy setup of the screen room.


What makes this kit so unique is that setup is easy and the canopy frame can support a heavy canvas tent without using guide lines for strength. Also this kit only requires one person for setting up.


This camping kit is very versatile and inexpensive. Some of the uses for this trailer are:

1. It gives you a comfortable sleeping area off the ground while you're camping.

2. It gives you a good size screen room for camping, parties and other family activities.

3. The frame can be setup with a tarp to be used for construction work, flea markets, vegetable and antique stands.

4. The addition can be easily set up without a trailer by mounting the acceptors to a fence for use in backyard parties.

5. This type camper allows you to take the amenities you desire such as 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, boat, cots, grill, refrigerator, firewood and many other things.

6. By mounting acceptors to a military trailer and using a canvas tent the military can use this product for check points (outposts) and communication relays. 


Company History

I'm a camper who for the last ten years has been working so much, that I didn't have time to take my family camping but once or twice a year. I wasn't getting much use out of my truck either, so I sold both the truck and popup camper. I started pulling a small trailer and tenting it. Then I would look at my trailer thinking it would be nice to sleep on the trailer bed. Another reason I sold the popup is because the only time we used it was for sleeping, and even then we always took a screen room and a small refrigerator with us. So I put two and two together and came up with the Stay Strong Camping Kit. The name came from the navy reserves phrase "stay strong". Try this way of camping and you can find out for yourself how easy, inexpensive, and comfortable it is. If you're not a camper, try it; this is a great way to get to know your family! After developing this camper I found it had many more uses then just a camping kit, which you can view on this site.

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