Judicial Immunity



End Judicial Immunity
The Supreme Court has made the argument that judicial immunity is necessary even when it is being abused. Therefore, it is now both possible and acceptable for judicial immunity to be intentionally abused by being extended to the other two branches of the government in order to specifically and discriminatorily protect them against lawsuits from the people. This cripples the integrity of our government’s system of checks and balances and strengthens the perception that our government is in reality more of a dictatorship than a democracy.
 Purposefully violating the constitution can be equated to warring against it and this is considered to be an act of treason. How can a judge who has commited treason against his country ever be allowed to pass judgment on anyone ever again? Let alone be allowed to collect a paycheck from the very citizens that he has betrayed? Thanks to judicial immunity, the disturbing truth is that cases against the government can be written off as meritless simply because a judge says so.

I faithfully served in the military for twenty years. It has understandably devastated me to learn that the judicial branch of our government can legally war against the people’s rights under the US Constitution. The primary mission of the Department of Justice is to protect the constitutional liberties of the people of the United States. However, upon speaking with agents of the DOJ, I was informed that most of their work is actually devoted towards stymieing the people’s efforts to bring cases against the government that concern constitutional violations. I am certain that the DOJ erroneously justifies this hypocrisy by arguing that the best method of protecting our constitutional liberties is to protect the government that is meant to uphold them at all costs. This is a deeply distressing attitude for them to be expressing as it means that most citizens filing lawsuits against the government over legitimate constitutional issues will be unfairly railroaded by the DOJ as well as the courts. (Example Fast and Furious, Bundy against the BLM)

Federal civil procedures reject the approach that pleading is a game of skill in which one misstep by counsel may be decisive to the outcome of the case and instead accept the principle that the purpose of pleadings is to facilitate a proper decision based on the merits of the case. These federal civil procedures may as well be meaningless if every judge has the power to disregard them whenever they so choose. The American people deserve to know that the primary purpose of our constitutional rights is for them to serve as a source of propaganda in order to ensure that Americans are loyal to the government

We petition Congress to:



Make WE THE PEOPLE the Reality
Restore Our Bill of Rights. We the People demand that any administrative or legislative decision of the government that is challenged in the courts needs to be adjudicated by the people. These hearings should also be videotaped. If the decisions being made are for the greater good, then exposure should be beneficial to both the government and the people.   

Points of fact: In 1872, the Supreme Court overruled its earlier doctrine and announced that judges would not be liable even for malicious or corrupt acts. Under the doctrine of judicial immunity, a victim can be forced to bear the full burden of a serious, irreparable injury inflicted by a state-court judge in blatant violation of the Constitution.  This decision offers a road map for corruption with total impunity. Therefore, the Supreme Court has made it quite clear that judges are allowed to be corrupt.  Judicial immunity has created monsters and the federal government should take responsibility for their creation.


1) Void judicial immunity and repeal the 11th Amendment.

2) As long as judges have the power to blatantly violate the constitution, a judge should not have the power to deny someone the right to a jury trial. The right to a jury trial is definitively protected by the Bill of Rights.  

3) Placing cameras in our court room will also allow corrupt or inept judges to be exposed.  Then, judges that are found not to be adhering to civil procedures or Constitutional law could be removed from the bench.   

4) Cameras should be set up in all public hearings and closed session hearings should be eliminated in order to decrease the opportunities available for government officials to make self-serving backroom deals that thwart the pursuit for justice


Trust in this country’s government is at an all-time-low. Time and time again our government has proven that it doesn’t follow the same laws that it imposes on the people. Simple solution: any dispute between the government and an individual (especially in cases where violations of constitutional rights are concerned) should be adjudicated by the people. According to the 6th and 7th Amendments, a trial by jury is a right of every American citizen. Our government no longer adheres to this fundamental right. As far as the government is concerned, why bother risking a jury ruling against them when a judge will almost always take their side regardless of the facts of the case. If BLM truly wants justice for our country, then restoring the constitutional right to a trial by jury should be their number one objective. Judging any type of  government abuse should always be adjudicated by the people. Government accountability and transparency would eventually be restored. 

The issues that I have just presented are not unreasonable in any sense of the word; they are based solely on common sense and would ultimately aid in restoring integrity to our government.

The path to freedom can be as easy as demanding that the issues I have presented be put on a state referendum so that the people can vote on them. Restore the people’s voice. Don’t continue to let the politicians gut us of our rights.